Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Peace and light on Brazennose Street

A stall selling handcrafted bags (peace symbols are optional), hats and strings of lights at the World Christmas Market on Brazennose Street. 

The Manchester Christmas Markets are rated in the World's Top 10 by US travel guides Frommer's, as confirmed in this interesting interview with Anya the glühwein stall owner. It was recorded as the markets set up last month and broadcast on local radio station Key 103 at:


  1. Markets make a great subject for photography.

  2. Enjoyed being able to look around Manchester though your blog Chrissy. Great images and stories.

  3. Gorgeous colourful image Chrissy, I'd go with the piece sign, I'm a 'hippy' from way back haha!

  4. Great seasonal shot Chrissy, love those lights! Looking forward to 'catching up' at the weekend.

  5. Happiness colour.

    Please have a good Thursday.

    daily athens photo

  6. We had a stall on Brazennose Street for the Christmas Markets in December 2008... never been so cold EVER!


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