Saturday, 3 December 2011

Mcr Xmas markets

The Manchester Christmas markets are amongst the biggest and the best. They are in full swing now, having opened on 17th November, for the 13th year. Independent stallholders come from all over Europe to sell their wares alongside local craftsmen and women.

Travel guide Frommer’s travel named Manchester as one of the top 10 Christmas market locations, alongside Barcelona, Vancouver and Dresden.

There are nine markets at eight sites in the city centre this year containing dozens and dozens of stalls. We start today at the French Christmas Market in King Street and partake in a cup of seasonal French vin chaud. Just around the corner you can have the Germanic equivalent -gluhwein, or if you are feeling particularly Anglo Saxon about your choice of warm festive tipple, a cup of wassail (mulled cider).

More at: and for a good 6 minute video of this year's Christmas markets go to:


  1. They're good at times but they get more rammed and uncomfortable every year. You can't move from stall to stall at peak times. I'll probably still be checking them out at some point though...

  2. I'm always enchanted by Christmas Marketing!

  3. I like how this photo captures the poster and the market behind. One month of Christmas Markets is very sensible: it's 3 days of frenzied activity here in Lincoln and they're gone for another year.

  4. What joy !

    Will have to search deep and good whether alike will be found over here. Please have a good Sunday.

  5. fun post, and smashing sky in previous!

    Aloha from Waikiki

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