Thursday, 8 December 2011

2005: Wheel, Victoria, Urbis, Green Quarter

Looking down from the Manchester Wheel back in December 2005. The long brown stone building is Victoria station and the glass building was then the Urbis museum, built for the Milliennium and which celebrated cities around the world. The restaurant on the top floor, The Modern, was a good place to dine. Closed for the past couple of years, the building is due to reopen as the National Football Museum in 2012.

The building work to the top of the photo is now the so called Green Quarter-
"...a self-contained urban oasis, combining 10 cutting-edge apartment blocks, business accomodation, hotel, leisure and retail facilities set against the precious commodity of lush landscaped open green space. Its close proximity to Victoria Station, the MEN Arena and The Printworks will heighten its appeal to people who value the convenience factor of a lifestyle on their doorstep."

There's an interesting video of it in progress by Manchester tv station Channel M at:  


  1. Thats quite a view. Another Millennium project that never lasted.

  2. I like the red/grey building on the right.
    Maybe i'm pedantic but shouldn't a football museum also have a football field??? Wouldn't it be better to build it Old Trafford or Eastlands?

  3. Wonderful shot Chrissy. I enjoyed the video.

  4. It's a long way down...


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