Saturday, 12 November 2011

Weekend Reflections: Jade not jaded

A reflection of a barge named Jade, between Lymm and Grappenhall on the Bridgewater Canal.

We are walking the Bridgewater Canal in small stretches at a time, when weekends and weather allow. So far we've made it from central Manchester to Stockton Heath. That's a distance to date of 18.5 miles, but is actually 37 miles as you have to go there and back on each journey to return to wherever we've parked the car! 

Enjoy some more weekend reflections at:


  1. Brilliant reflections with Autumn colors!
    Great shot!

  2. Very nice site, the Weekend Reflections too. That way of Bridgewater Canal should be amazing for cycling too. Ah, I loved the title: Jade but not jaded!

  3. Lovely autumn scene Chrissy, must make for an interesting walk this time of year with those fab reflections

  4. Thats the downside to walking any stretch of the canal! I am lucky here along my bit of the Leeds - Liverpool I can either get the train back or the bus, both services run along the valley.

  5. I know I'm late for WR, but I love this boat called "Jade." Is it to transport passengers, or?

  6. Great photo for this theme, well done Chrissy!


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