Sunday, 27 November 2011

They return the love around here, don't they?

Inside the Manchester visitor centre on Piccadilly Plaza.
The quotes on the bags are by famous Mancunians and read as follows:

"They return the love around here, don't they?" - Guy Garvey (singer and guitarist, Elbow).
Elbow's recent homecoming concert at Manchester Cathedral can been seen at

"We do things differently here." - Anthony Wilson (Mancunian music maestro & tv presenter, R.I.P).

"Here, there is an insane love of football, of celebration, of music." - Eric Cantona (French footballer) on Manchester.

"It all comes from here." - Noel Gallagher (Oasis) on Manchester. 

"A city that thinks a table is for dancing on." - Mark Radcliffe (BBC DJ).

The T shirt on the far right of the photo features four Mancunian musicians or, more accurately, singers: Ian Brown (Stone Roses), Morrisey (The Smiths), Shaun Ryder (Happy Mondays) and Liam Gallagher (Oasis).


  1. These are great. Wonderful colors.

  2. Have to love Eric, always good for a quote.

  3. Fantastic idea!I also like a lot the colors of the bags!

  4. My wife says that I have enough "eco-bags" now!
    Fun rainbow of eco-bags....

  5. Unconditional love... be given and returned...


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