Saturday, 19 November 2011

Derelict on Harter Street

This old building on Harter Street in the city centre is ripe for renovation but seems to have missed the boat. Everywhere around it has been rescued and refurbished but maybe the recession put pay to any plans.  The last occupants of the basement were the Tube nightclub. There is an interesting website which details the exploits of someone who went exploring inside here in 2008, when it had already lain forlorn for many years.


  1. I always feel a little sad to see what looks to be a fine old building slide into ruin. I do sometimes think its odd that some are rescued and given a new life whilst others languish slowly giving up the ghost.

  2. I really like your photo and it's too bad about the building just sitting there in decay. In the closest two cities to where I live, this building would be converted in lofts in a quick minute...

  3. It looks like it could be restored to former beauty if someone has the money...


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