Wednesday, 2 November 2011

The 51st state of the USA?

It's the last week of the pop-up Pin-up bowling at Spinningfields. The bowling per se I am ok with but why do we have to have this tired and overused Americana 1950s theme?

What has it got to do with the UK, let alone the north west? If they wanted a 1950s bowling theme why not go for the skittles and UK icons of the 1950s rather than an American diner etc?  A skittles and skiffle theme would be far more appropriate.* Maybe it's just me...

On the plus side I do like how much of it looks and the local DJs and involvement does try to give it a more localised flavour. See what you think at: 

Also on a plus, the 30 celebrity metal silhouette figures that were on display elsewhere in Spinningfields have been  auctioned for the Wood Street Mission charity:

And a traditional looking oast house has appeared amongst all the 21st century glass and commerce of Spinningfields. More on that another time...

* Skiffle music was the 1950s equivalent of punk music, with the underlying motive being it was classless- i.e anyone could grab or make an instrument and do their thing. A washboard for percussion and a tea chest with a broom handle as a bass were commonplace. Check out the Dice boys and others at:

Skittles is basically 9 pin bowling, a European game which dates back to the 4th century, see:


  1. Great post. I love the links Chrissy.

  2. It is probably no worse than Sherlock's Pub within a mini-mall in the Texas suburbs. You can get an ice cold Guiness and watch our football on umpteen screens.

  3. I've never heard of skittles (except the candy here in the US)... thanks!


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