Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Our World Tuesday: Last night in #Manchester #MakeMayPay #NoStateVisit #DumpTrump #NoMuslimBan

Sometimes one photo isn't enough for a City Daily Photo blogger. In the severity of the global situation, I make no apologies for posting many placards from last night's rally and march in Manchester. 5-7,000 people organised with about a day's notice and said no to Trump's fascism, no to unelected prime minister Theresa May's fawning and acceptance of such policies and no to a state visit by him.

Next Manchester action, rally and march,  2pm Saturday in Albert Square. 

Taking part in Our World Tuesday.


  1. Looks like a peaceful affair.

    That's what happens when your political opponents stay at home rather than turn up to disrupt your march.

    If only everyone could be so tolerant of others.

  2. The man is an abomination, and completely unfit for office. And the people who support him the strongest are the ones who will be most hurt because of him.


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