Wednesday, 8 June 2016

To the source of the Bridgewater... #Worsley #CityDailyPhoto #Salford #Manchester

A scene that hasn't changed too much since the 1760s when the Bridgewater canal was built, emerging into daylight here at Worsley after 46 miles of tunnels into the coal mines of Lancashire. 

The amazing Packet House was built around 1760s but the black and white timber was added in the 1840s. It's an early Victorian  style which can still be seen today in parts of the north west, especially Nantwich and Northwich in Cheshire (that I know of, there are others).

It was looking so serene and idyllic when I took the photo, while showing a friend Worsley's industrial heritage and 21st century gentility the other week.


  1. Looks like a nice and tranquil place, lovely pic, Chrissy !

  2. The Packet House really appeals to me!

  3. Lovely - and in some ways surprising to discover in the area it's in.


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