Thursday, 2 June 2016

One L of a gig @LeraLynn

After a fascinating debate last night on whether the left should vote to remain or leave the EU (#Lexit), I wandered along to Band On The Wall. Lera Lynn and her band were playing their first Manchester gig.

I first heard Lera on Prairie Home Companion a couple of years back and immediately bought the first album. A second has just been released and tracks from both plus some great covers, e.g Ring of Fire, made up an engaging set. The band’s Nashville roots are recognisable but they veer off in a wonderful space rock textured guitars direction. Angst and wistful lyrics add to the vibe- 

Surf noir is how the band describe their sound, and Americana is another good label fr them.

I’ve seen about 40 bands so far this year and this was one of the best (Wolf Alice, The Tapestry, Horsebeach and Yes make up my top 5 so far). It was fun chatting with them and getting my albums signed afterwards- if you don’t know the band, go and take a listen...

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  1. Good performance shots. I'll Youtube them, see what they sound like.


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