Friday, 24 June 2016

Skywatch Friday: Sun sets on many things...end of an EUra

The summer sun sets over Salford, and after the EU referendum also on the UK's membership of the EU. It will also set on the UK itself, which is untenable now as Wales and England voted to leave, while Scotland and Northern Ireland voted to remain. It will surely lead to Scottish independence and Irish unification.

But leaving the EU does not mean leaving Europe or being anti-European. As an internationalist I am anti the neo-liberalism and big business bias of the EU, but happy to be part of an equal, wider Europe. Probably like many on the left who voted for an anti-racist #Lexit, which was ignored by the mainstream media but supported by millions of workers.


  1. Boris Johnson must be happy today.

  2. I voted for the non-racist Leave side.

    The over-developed ability of the Remain campaign to spot racism, xenophobia and other negative traits in many aspects of the Leave campaign probably contributed to its defeat.

    Pouring bile onto your opponents is not a good way to convince people to vote for your cause.


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