Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Our World Tuesday #vintage #Austin #CityDailyPhoto #SnakePass

I thought I’d share my day trips from the weekend here on the blog over the next few days. On Sunday we made the most of the glorious spring sunshine and headed off down Snake Pass (for non-northern readers it’s a winding mountain/hill road between Manchester and Sheffield, always the first to get closed each winter). 

We parked up by Ladybower reservoir and on our way to tackle a wonderful walk in and above the Derwent Valley, came across this old Austin car. If it’s an Austin 7, which I don’t know, then it’s the same as my grandfather had in the 1930s – but I bet his was black.

Views from our walk tomorrow. Our World Tuesday.


  1. Bet that struggled to get up snake pass, bad enough on the M6

  2. The g/km of CO2 an old car like that with an old-fashioned engine spews out will be very damaging to the planet.

    Also the lack of a catalytic converter means it'll be belching out lots of noxious fumes compared to a modern car.

    Old cars like that should be banned from our roads.

  3. A fascinating old car, beautiful !


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