Sunday, 27 March 2016

Blow your mind at HOME- Weekend in black and white

Above is my entry for the Weekend in black and white. We went to HOME yesterday to catch up with the amazing exhibition AL and AL: Incidents of Travel in the Multiverse

This included three films, mind blowing in different ways. through the 1954 door was an imagined film of Alan Turing and his amazing mind which led to so much of today (and tomorrow')s computing power and AI (artificial intelligence). It was very hypnotic, thought provoking, mesmerising and moving (ad(d)jective of choice here)

The film next door in 2054 (below) and the Icarus at the edge of time film were also thought provoking. Then there's the art itself to get your head around - something I'm still trying to process- complex stuff for my limited mind! Get there before it closes on 10 April.


  1. It sounds quite an experience. I like (both!) your photos.

  2. From your link -

    'The second journey, The Creator, sees thinking machines from the future travel back in time in search of their creator Alan Turing'

    And when they've found out he was a man who lived in the 20th century what will they do then?

    If they are really intelligent they'll ask who or what created Alan Turing, and continue back with their investigations.


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