Tuesday, 1 March 2016

#CityDailyPhoto Theme Day: Where do I belong? #Heimat

"Where do you belong?  Where is Heimat for you? The Germans call it 'Heimat'.  English speakers can’t say it in one word.  Your homeland?  (Not quite).  Being comfortable and happy here?  Feeling that this is the place is where you should be?  (Getting closer)."
I have lived over half of my life so far in Manchester but could have ended up anywhere. I fell in love and followed that special person because they were already moving to Manchester when we happened to meet, in London. After a year of London to Manchester commuting by both of us, by plane, train, coach and automobile, I moved 220km north westwards. So Manchester became my home and with five years of blogging here you realise I love it. 

But part of my heart is often left in other cities too, not with people I hasten to add, but with falling in love with the culture, architecture, cityscape etc. I have felt this more so in recent years, being moved almost to tears by the beauty of Paris boulevards, Nice seafront, St Petersburg's 20th Century turmoil, Glasgow's grandeur etc.

So a homage above to just four of the cities I could happily live in other than Manchester. And who knows, I am still young enough to move on! San Francisco, Nice, London, St Petersburg, with a Manchester sign in the middle.


  1. I feel the way you do... my heart has been left in so many places. But I also believe I can be happy just about anywhere. :)
    Love your take on the theme.

  2. Beautifully stated Chrissy. If my fear of flying wasn't such a problem I would feel the same, especially re Paris :) Personally I think Manchester is very lucky to have such a community minded person as yourself call it home!

  3. You certainly have some great places on your short list.


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