Friday, 11 December 2015

the Blue Pig - what a building! @TheBluePigMcr

The Blue Pig restaurant and bar is on the ground floor here on High Street- it's somewhere I bet David Cameron got excited about when he was in Manchester for his nasty party's conference back in September. But I hope he wouldn't have been welcomed, like he wasn't anywhere else in our city. 

Anyway, I just stopped and stared when I saw the light on this building last week- I nearly dropped my early Christmas shopping, so taken aback was I. I had to snap it, but only had my phone to hand. Turned out ok though.


  1. Cameron is welcome in my part of the city should he choose to visit me.

    The actual city of Manchester has a totally Labour council and is one of the worst places in the country to live for all sorts of reasons - poor schools, low wages, high suicide rates, dreadful health statistics etc.

    The people who vote Conservative in the Manchester region mostly choose not to live in the city as they can afford to live in the leafy suburbs in other boroughs or in Cheshire.

  2. Pete, you sound a wee bit grouchy. May I suggest yoga? Therapy? A big bag of weed?

    The architecture stands out beautifully, Chrissy. Great light for the shot.

    1. William, I'm not grouchy. After all it's not as if I go around calling others nasty.

      I've no reason to be grouchy. Things are fine and dandy in my Conservative part of greater Manchester in leafy south Trafford.

    2. Words speak volumes, Peter, and yours show you up for the sort of man you are. By the way, I'm not a liberal or a left winger, I'm a conservative disgusted by what passes for Conservatism these days, both here and abroad. Hey, we dumped our load of Tories in the last election, and so much the better.

      If you don't like being called out for a grouch- and I've seen your comments before, so I'm not just basing it on the above- you can do one of two things. You can change your ways and become a better person. Or you can take it up with me personally, old boy (you come across as old, miserable, and decrepit). I'll even let you throw the first punch.

      Chrissy, my apologies for starting a row, but I've learned there's really no point in being polite with jackasses.

    3. No prob, always grateful for support...

  3. May I suggest you change your ways and calm down a bit?

    You do seem rather excitable, calling me a jackass.

    I'm always amused by people taking the moral high ground and resorting to silly name calling.


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