Tuesday, 29 December 2015

#Floods aftermath at the Addy #CityDailyPhoto #Cameron as Canute?

The Mark Addy pub on the left bank of the River Irwell in Manchester City Centre/Salford was flooded when the river burst its banks and overflowed on Boxing Day. This is the scene earlier today. A beach of silt on the terrace and rumours that the pub may not reopen.

Thanks to the Tory-Cameron regime's ignoring of climate change while making cuts to flood barrier funding this sort of flooding will become a regular event from now, even in (northern) city centres. See York, Leeds, Salford, Manchester,  this week, not to mention Carlisle, Lancaster and the rural north-east and north-west earlier this past months...

Cameron may still turn up in green welly boots mumbling platitudes for benefit of the media but most northerners despise him and his policies.


  1. I'm surprised that Manchester hasn't suffered like this before now, given that is lies in a basin. But you are right - the longer the government procrastinates on the issue, the more people will suffer.

  2. Ferocious damage. I've seen in another blog from Britain about flood damage in recent days.

  3. The weather around the world has gone crazy. Sad to see this.

  4. I don't think most northerners despise Cameron. They just don't agree with his views and vote for other parties.

    Most people can disagree with someone politically without despising him, but it does seem a hard thing to do for some 'liberals' and 'progressives' who should know better.

    As for not caring about climate change, that is hardly confined to the Conservatives.

    Foe example, Manchester City Council is part owner of a large, profitable airport. The council is entirely composed of Labour party members.

  5. Pete, Festive Greetings. I agree that Manchester Labour- all Bliar and Brown new Labour in fact- does not/did not combat climate change, just as the Con-Libs didn't and now Cons fail to do. That's why I have been a Green Party member for decades.

  6. Hmm, most Northerners I know despise Cameron and his weasel words, the rest just dislike him intensely.

  7. https://m.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=1010966788926783&id=100000404157130&set=gm.933200413440573
    Says it all.


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