Saturday, 3 May 2014

Weekend Reflections: Power napping…

There were some warm days earlier this week and the prime lunchtime spots around Spinningfields were crowded with office workers on deckchairs, benches and at café tables.

A quieter, if less comfortable, spot was to be found here by the Lowry Hotel on the riverbank. While some sat in the sun catching some rays, others lay in the shade catching some zzzz… Befiore you doze off on what is forecast to be a gloriously sunny Saturday here in Greater Manchester, visit the other Weekend Reflections.


  1. A extra weather this year and sun, thanks spring! Lovely réflexions.
    .(▒)(♥)(▒) Greeting
    ...(▒)(▒) From Belgium


  2. Naps are always good! Have a great weekend Chrissy.

  3. He must have really been tired. That doesn't look very comfortable.
    Nice reflection and photo of it.


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