Friday, 9 May 2014

The corner sweet shop, Leyland

The corner shop has long been a feature of many a city or suburban street. Are they as prevalent in England's south as here in the north? I can't remember. Anyway, today's shot was taken in a tiny sweet shop in Leyland, Lancashire. 

It's a corner shop specialising in confectionery but has no name, signage nor obvious opening times; its window display showcases jars of fashioned sweets (and modern day cleaning products). 

The shop is part of an end terrace house and I imagine the owner is only in there when customers enter- to buy a quarter of humbugs, gobstoppers, or as in the case of the friend I was with (Holly Marland the Kora Queen), the sweets known as rhubarb and custard.


  1. Near my home in Canada there is a British Shop and the items in your photo are a familiar sight there.

    1. All sticky and unhealthy artificial stuff I'm afraid!

  2. it's fun to see different types of candies/foods all around the world!

  3. Looks very nice. I am sure I will have something to get there. ;)

  4. Places like this are few now. My husband's grandmother had a sweet shop before the war until the 1960s...oh the stories :).

  5. Il have some of those and some of those and some of those and some of those and some of those and some of those................

  6. A confectionary is always a very welcome place to step into and lose a few dollars, or pounds.

  7. always nice to pop in to a corner shop in England.
    I could have bought some of those too:)


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