Sunday, 25 May 2014

St Ann's Square Markets this week

There is an arts and craft festival of markets in St. Ann's Square from 22 May until 8 June. Along with crafts stalls there's a good range of food and drink- plus some lovely little spaces to chill in, such as in today's photo.

There are some specialist days too. This weekend has a vintage fashion market, and Monday 26 May features upcycled  furniture and accessories- raising funds for the homeless charity Emmaus. Among other not to be missed days are the vinyl record fair on 4 June, and independent book fair on 7 and 8 June.


  1. I like turquoise here in this photo. very eye catching.
    cheers. - Feyza

  2. I'd be quite happy checking out the books!

  3. I love this pic - what a great spot that is!


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