Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Brit on tour

This photo was taken last week by a New Zealand friend of mine who was back in Manchester for a conference. Craig writes:

"So that's how the Brits go on holiday - all power to ya pal! Arrived Manchester this morning and found a lovely bike charity place in the Manchester University Student Union - iCycle - and hired a bike. Out for my first spin and found this Briton heading out on his Tour of Britain (nice one!)".

Linking today with global bloggers at Our World Tuesday.


  1. That's what I would call a real balancing act.

  2. What an idea - it appeals to a Dutchman(woman):)

  3. Now I have an image of a Kiwi riding a bike, pulling a suitcase AND taking a pic with their camera!

  4. that's quite amusing, thanks for sharing


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