Friday, 14 December 2012

Office party: Yang Sing for your supper

The downstairs tables are set at the Yang Sing Cantonese restaurant in Chinatown, complete with festive party hats. I peeked through the narrow street level windows one evening this week to take this photo.  It reminded me that a company I once worked for had our Christmas 2010 meal here. 

Tonight is the night that many offices go out for a Christmas meal (and drinks). We are into the time of year when too many offices wind down and indeed can be known to overindulge. Partying, hangovers and long liquid lunches can lead to mistakes and protocol breaches, so it is reassuring to know that the business network is secure when underpinned by a company like LAN2LAN. They have offices in nearby Ardwick and an HQ deep down south in Surrey,

LAN2LAN is a specialist systems integration, installation and project management organisation focused on driving technologically innovative solutions that deliver intelligent networks for the needs of businesses today and in the future. The computer consultants specialise in infrastructure, collaboration, security, mobility, wireless, support services and you can follow their tweets at @L2Lnews.

The Yang Sing Restaurant opened in 1977 and has a good reputation amongst the myriad of Chinese restaurants in the city centre.  Chinese food is not my favourite fare but I do like the idea of the round tables and the sharing it encourages, both food and conversation-wise. Those central platters hold a lot of food and there were many courses to get through. I think the banquet we had there was at least eight courses... "Yang Sing" is a phonetic translation of the nickname of the city of Guangzhou in Southern China (formerly known as Canton) – "the City of Goats".


  1. Perhaps a night to avoid the city centre methinks! Great peep inside though.

  2. Hi Chrissy,

    I love the Yang Sing restaurant. It is one of my favourites in Manchester.

    I took Mrs PM there for her birthday earlier this year.




  3. Love the way they have the party hats ready for distribution!

  4. What great entry. Much enjoyed the writing. Please have a good weekend ahead.


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