Thursday, 6 December 2012

A kaleidoscope of waste...

The recycling bin on Dulcie Street with a Kaleidoscope effect

DS Smith Recycling are the largest cardboard and paper recycling company in Europe and one of the leading waste management companies in the UK. Their customers include two ethical and empowering organisations- The Co-operative Group and the Guardian, as well as harbingers of waste such as the Ministry of Defence, Tesco and Marks and Spencer. But I am prepared to concede that all waste is equal and responsible for climate change. 

The statistics are so vast that they are hard to take in, but
 DS Smith Recycling recover circa 2.4 million tonnes of material in the UK and 5.4 million tonnes across Europe every year. In addition to this, they divert 250,000 tonnes of waste (which otherwise would appalingly be landfill-bound) to alternative technologies; all forming part of the recycling loop which results with ready-to-use packaging.

As individuals and through government legislation we should all reuse, repair, reuse, recycle far, far more than we do (climate change is the proof of what happens otherwise). Maybe take a leaf out of Mumbai-based designers Nishant Jethi and Aalap Deasi. They have developed a psychedelic public trash bin that rewards people for properly disposing of their waste by displaying kaleidoscope patterns. Named the Cleanoscope, the eco-friendly bin shows that cleanliness creates beauty by making waste disposal creative.


  1. Love the kaleidoscope effect and your photo - but so true about reusing/recycling. When did we become such a throwaway society? My parents kept many outfits for a lifetime, TV's were fixed not tossed, old clothes donated or turned into a quilt...I guess these things fell out of fashion, sigh.

  2. Trash made beautiful! Living by the ocean, it's discouraging to see the amount of plastic that washes up on shore on a daily basis. But I'm happy to know there are creative people out there looking for ways to make all of us more aware of the need to recycle and take responsibility for our impact on the planet. What a great idea for a recycling bin!

  3. This is an attention-getting shot, Chrissy. Well done.

  4. Wow, that's cool!

  5. Love the idea of a cleanoscope, people might even seek out litter to deposit if it looks cool enough. Fab shot to illustrate the point, look forward to hearing how you did it this weekend ;)


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