Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Developments at Jessops Camera Shop

I was disappointed when Jessops closed their branch near Albert Square and I am not sure if their Deansgate branch is still open. I have happily bought cameras and accessories from their branches for a few years.

I was pleasantly surprised then to be told that there was a Jessops on Market Street which had opened in 2011.  The upstairs is a lovely space, full of artistically framed prints, photos and murals, highlighting some striking photos of Manchester as well as the more obvious global tourist attractions further afield from Paris to San Francisco. The machines where you order your photo prints are quite sophisticated as well, giving plenty of options and excellent results. 

Frank Jessop opened a camera shop in Leicester in 1935 and today there are about 200 branches in the UK. Frank's son Alan sold the firm in 1996 and the company is now owned by Snap Equity Limited who seem to be doing a good job with the brand so far as I can see.


  1. Our town is too small for a camera store, and the WalMart that does prints was so unsatisfactory that I spent big dollars and bought my own printer. The joys of not living in a city.

  2. I think they do quite well online which must help support them on the High Street. Long may it continue.

  3. It is good to hear that there are still camera shops available. It is getting harder to find them.

  4. How heartening to hear they are still thriving, but I agree with others that it's becoming a struggle to find them. We had 2 in our tiny town (amazingly), but 1 just closed. They are going the way of the floppy disc.

  5. Various over here still exist. Some even sale film. Much success upon your shops. Please have a good Wednesday.


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