Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Midsummer's day: The Manchester Time Piece

An interesting concept to mark Midsummer's Day, and they even have a plan for a grey day.  Today the "Tern Collective will transform Manchester into a giant sundial, with the Beetham Tower as the gnomon (shadow-maker). We will spend the longest day following the shadow. Hour by hour, we will mark its position, and the passage of time, by leaving a photograph of the Tower. Tern Collective is a collaboration between Annie Harrison, Jude Macpherson and Jacqueline Wylie."
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It was sunny when I took this photo yesterday evening of the 47 storey Beetham Tower. At 168 metres / 551 ft, it is evidently currently the 8th tallest building in the United Kingdom. It's visible from 10 of the 38 English counties on a clear day and is the tallest residential building in the country.

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  1. An impressive building! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Excellent idea! Too bad the weather!

  3. What a fun and unique concept. Thanks for showing this.

  4. A fascinating structure, one I would enjoy seeing for myself. I have a friend from Manchester. She and her husband live in Florida now. I will have to tell her about your blog.

  5. Mid-Summers Day is not a term I am familiar with here in the states. So, I found your story fascinating and your building is beautiful. We have one building in our town that is tall enough to be seen from all the compass points and I love catching glimpses of it on a clear day.

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