Thursday, 30 June 2011

1847 Vegetarian bistro, Booth St & Mosely St

1847 was the year that the UK Vegetarian Society was founded. Their HQ are in the grounds of a mansion in Cheshire, but today's photo is a separate business concern- a city centre vegetarian bistro that takes its name from that auspicious year.

Wonderful food, melts in your mouth, and all in beautiful surroundings too.


  1. Very tasteful.
    Such a calming photo: you must have snapped this when you were in a very zen state of mind.
    Wish you a happy day!

  2. What elegant decor Chrissy, if the food is as good, yum!!

  3. It looks beautiful I hope the food is as good as the restaurant looks!

  4. Yes, the food is as good as the decor looks. I hope to go back soon ;-)

  5. That would not look out of place on a promotional leaflet for the restaurant. Nice job, Chrissy.


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