Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Victorian pianist #lovemcv

As someone who walks through Victoria station most days, it’s been a mixed blessing to see and hear the recently installed piano. The idea is great, London St Pancras did it years ago, but yesterday’s warbling by a young man of a Celine Dion classic was too much for me…

However, this smartly attired gent was at the old Joanna* at the weekend and playing a more palatable selection of music. I noticed afterwards that his companion was checking the time – hopefully as she was wary that he might get carried away and they’d miss their train, rather than because she wasn’t enjoying his performance.

* cockney rhyming slang for piano. Talking of which I'm off to London this afternoon for work, and will next be blogging here on Friday, so TTFN (ta-ta for now).


  1. A nice place to play piano, especially with a white hat :)

  2. Quite an unusual setting for a piano... I hope it's not exposed to the elements.


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