Sunday, 5 February 2017

Yesterday afternoon... #Manchester #MakeMayPay #StopTrumpMCR

Another day, another demo. For the fourth time since Trump's inauguration, thousands took to the streets of Manchester to protest about Trump and the special relationship with the UK that the unelected Teresa May is so keen to instil at any price. No to the Muslim ban, No to climate change denial, No to racism, sexism and discrimination against LGBTQI communities.

Next actions include the initial meeting of the Stand up to Trump Manchester group on Thursday 9th Feb, 5.30 Central Hall, Oldham Street, M1 and ongoing publicity for the national Our NHS demo in London on Saturday 4th March. It's great to see so many new and young faces getting involved- together we can make it a better and fairer world.


  1. That man does not get it. And he never will.

    Well, at least he's done one thing- no American president will ever come close to being as awful in office as he is.

  2. If President Trump is not to the liking of the US people they can vote him out of office in four years time.

    The protestors should concentrate their annoyance at leaders of countries like China, Cuba, Vietnam and North Korea who refuse to hold free and fair elections and keep their populations oppressed.

    The protesting classes of Manchester and elsewhere do seem to be very selective in their targets.

  3. Great post, it's so good to see the amount of support the protest gained across the city it just gives you hope!

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