Friday, 14 August 2015

Skywatch Friday: #Southport day trippers. Oh to be 17 again! #CityDailyPhoto

Photo by Tim Sutton-Brand

Compared to the monsoon rainfalls greeting me this morning as I struggled to work, Wednesday was a glorious summer’s day. Tim and a large group of friends headed to Southport, probably the nicest seaside town within easy reach of Manchester. 40 miles away or an hour by train from Deansgate and you are in a grand old town with pier and a beach- although it is a 50 minute walk out to the sea, so wide is the beach.

Oh to be 17 again? Yes and no. Most of today’s 17 year olds are under so much pressure, halfway through their A levels or starting in the world of work and a rough road ahead of over-priced housing and the effects of climate change. 

But the sense of freedom, potential, friendships, relationships, exploration as they start out as independent adults is something we all crave a little of as we hit cynical middle age! Though I am generally less jaded and more full of optimism and energy than many of my own peers it seems…

A contribution to Skywatch Friday.


  1. I'll give you that the beach does seem endless

  2. This is a really happy image Chrissy.. Won't be that long before it's beach weather here again!

  3. That is a big beach! Terrific shot, Chrissy!

  4. Cool shot, love the energy, and the sparkly beach looks like it goes on forever!

  5. The beach does seem endless, I was expecting maybe a giant wave to suddenly rear up out of the ocean so they would have to run.

  6. That is a beautiful beach, and the photograph too


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