Saturday, 16 May 2015

Revolting students...

The Free Education MCR group began their anti-government demonstration at the Manchester Business School on Wednesday afternoon.It's an understandable protest at the government's unnecessary and reckless austerity cuts, and tuition fees. 

They state: The University of Manchester is in occupation. We are occupying because we know what five more years of a Tory government means. It means the hopes of millions of young people and workers shattered by cuts and privatisation. There is talk of another rise in tuition fees, funding apprenticeships through 24 cuts to further education, and scrapping the disabled students allowance once and for all. We know what the market does to education, and we know we need to fight it. We are occupying to reclaim space from the university’s corporate projects - and to use it to educate ourselves freely.

There is a major local anti-austerity demonstration in Manchester next Saturday 23 May from noon in Piccadilly Gardens. See you there!

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