Thursday, 29 January 2015

Snowy Thursday

A blizzard of sorts and plenty of sleet made it hard to get out even in the city centre last night (while up in the hills of Lees and Marple friends of mine were getting snowed in). 

I pity the ever increasing numbers of homeless people in Manchester. Last night, as ever, several were seeking refuge in doorways along affluent Deansgate. Some of these marginalised people are victims of the coalition government cuts - surely there will be deaths on the streets when temperatures plummet to below freezing?

This was the view that greeted me at first light today - snow on the banks of the Irwell and settling all around Greengate and Trinity Way. I am hoping it will subside so that I can get into the office soon and attend various meetings. However, such hardships are as naught when compared those who are forced to live in poverty on the streets in these conditions.


  1. Keep warm!:)
    Greetings from Gunn (in Norway)

  2. I must admit I spend a lot of time thinking about the homeless too Chrissy, it really does put all our petty problems I to perspective .. That's seriously cold weather . we actually have the opposite problem here when we have long spells of high temps, particularly hard on older folk.

  3. I like the dreamy image and the idea of enjoying it while looking out the window and being toasty warm inside!
    It is a shame that so many people are homeless in this day and age.


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