Saturday, 6 December 2014

Ducking the issue, #MeatIsStillMurder

One of the many beautiful ducks on the mereside at Marbury Country Park on a walk last Friday. I fear that the sound of slaughterhouses up and down the country are echoing to the cries of millions of turkeys, geese and ducks being massacred as I type. I was pleased to see pavement slogan street art earlier this year neat the Palace theater with the hashtag  #MeatIsStillMurder , from PETA .

It's so easy to be vegan or veggie at any time of year but festive recipes can be found at their society websites here (vegan) and here (veggie/vegan)


  1. Chrissy did you see footage of the line of people along the bridge that leads into Fremantle protesting against the way the sheep being exported are treated at their destination, we have a very active animal rights thing going on here.. It's good!


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