Friday, 24 February 2012

Metrolink millions

Late afternoon, just before the start of the commuter rush hour on the ever expanding Metrolink tram network.

Evidently it carries about 20 million passengers a year- which is one of those uses of statistics I always find slightly odd. It means that there are 20 million individual journeys rather than there being 20 million different people who use it annually.

Millions of pounds are being invested in several new lines. Overall it's a good, cleanish and fast system, although often overcrowded and fares aren't cheap- they increased again last month, unlike most of us poor passengers' wages...

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  1. Some of us in The Greater Toronto Area could only wish for a 'good, cleanish and fast' tram system.

  2. Nice shot Chrissy! I guess you shot this photo from Deansgate-Castlefield station?

    I'm one of those who have to commute daily via one of these. Fast system? I would say it depends on the route. If your route passes through the Salford Quays, especially the leg where it goes through Pomona-Broadway it can be very slow (crawling) at times.


    1. Yes Alexander, and it's slow coming from the south into Cornbrook too- 2 lines into one. The Eccles and Media City lines do seem to take a while too I must say at times...

  3. Nice shot n info to go with it! Our country could use more of this kind of transit...tooo many cars on the road n much congestion!

  4. Looks like a very busy place! I like the lighting in this...

  5. Public transportation, walking and cycling are the solution for the metropolis. Unluckily, Recife have no this things. We are barbarians.

  6. Very nice photo! So urban! The colors and lighting is great.

  7. Very nice photo.

    Regards and best wishes


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