Sunday, 7 August 2011

St Laurence Church, Frodsham

Looking down on St Laurence Church in Frodsham, Cheshire. 
The structure of the present church, built from red sandstone, dates from around 1180. More at: and  
I shall try and take an interior photo next time I am there.

Apologies for my not commenting on friends' CPD blogs at present.
I'm travelling with limited internet access.


  1. This looks centuries old.. I'd love to see the inside... hint.hint! ;-)

  2. to become a bird into your photograph !

  3. At first glance I thought this looked Victorian, but having looked it up it is much earlier and Grade I listed too. I love the sense of history and unlike many buildings you can mostly just look around inside churches at your leisure.
    Paul at Leeds daily photography


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