Monday, 2 May 2011

Theme Day- Mailboxes: Manchester blue

Every first day of the month is theme day for all City Daily bloggers and the May 2011 theme is "Mailboxes". But as I consider the international workers' holiday of May Day to take precedence, I have delayed this post until 2 May.

So, in the land of the red post boxes, this blue postbox must surely be king.

Not painted over by in Manchester City FC light blue as a reaction to all the Manchester United FC coloured red post/pillar/mail boxes throughout the the UK, but a leftover from a forgotten age ~ In the 1930s some UK postboxes were painted blue to signify they were for airmail. This one is on Liverpool Road.


  1. ah yes I've seen this on blogs before - one of these days I must go and take a look at it for myself.

  2. I have never seen one of these before!

  3. Hah! I immediately thought football rivalry. It is a sweet shade of blue, I must admit.

    Does it handle all categories of post nowadays?

  4. I love the light blue color - different from the many red ones!

  5. It is in use for all regular mail these days

  6. As we say in Ireland, well would you look at that?! I lived in Shropshire for 19 years until 2010, travelled over 30,000 miles per year around the UK and never once saw a blue postbox. Are you sure you didn't photoshop this....:-) Great blog, by the way. I return to the UK in July and look forward to resuming my travels to the north west every now and again, this time with a camera at the ready!


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