Tuesday, 13 November 2012

The three Rs for modern life: Reduce, reuse, recycle @Pelican_PR

Chinese Weekly newspaper box in Chinatown

PR is probably a necessity in this day and age. A good public relations campaign, led by the right team will get you the exposure you want and increase public awareness of your presence. 

Have any readers ever been tempted to move their blog up a notch and try to get more hits or a wider audience by employing someone’s skills? Or by accepting advertisers or sponsors or even trying to sell a product or service of your own? 

For most of us bloggers, self-promotion is an easy enough task. Linking your blog to a twitter feed, a Facebook page or a Vimeo or YouTube channel are obvious options that work well. Just as effective is being part of the City Daily Photo community. Whatever method, for me it is always about quality of readers rather than quantity. 

But were I promoting a product or service I needed to get it to a mass market, (as opposed to the select market of Mancunian Wave readers), I could do worse than hire Pelican PR. They are an award-winning Manchester PR company who move in circles some of which I would approve of, such as the outdoor and recycling industries. 

I do agree with their sustainable packaging campaigns, for instance WRAP (Waste & Resources Action Programme), promoting green packaging. See the environment section of their case studies.


  1. Love the colorful capture - blogging is still a hobby, but if were a more serious thing for me I'm sure I'd consider bringing in the serious promotional people:)

  2. Made me think. Thank you.

    So far have only linked towards a Traveling Agency, nevertheless did not experience increased 'traffic'. Most free newspapers over here have closed. Please have a good Wednesday.

  3. Such a simple idea. Nuff said.

  4. I agree with Birdman. It truly does make one think.