Saturday, 2 June 2012

Lymm Cross as diamond jubilee repeats itself

The Lymm Cross has probably been here in one form or another since Anglo Saxon times. The current cross was erected for Queen Victoria's diamond jubilee in 1897 and stands on ancient steps carved from sandstone in the heart of the village centre.  One of the four square corner pillars supporting the base has the date 1775. Featured gables of the Cross are bronze sundials of 1897 displaying the inscriptions We are a Shadow, Save Time and Think of the Last.

115 years later Britain still has a monarchy and is in the throes of another diamond jubilee. Manchester writer Louise Bolotin speaks for millions when she says "I know the government say we need something to cheer us up, but I'd rather they saved the money [being spent on] the celebrations and didn't carry out swingeing public sector cuts."


  1. I agree - no time for ostentatious partying when people are loosing there jobs.

  2. I side with the thought that particularly in these difficult times, resources would be better applied somewhere other than a huge royal celebration... But who am I to say this, never having been a "subject" of a monarchy...
    God bless you!

  3. Raining here in Coventry....but the flags are flying. Great photo for today, Chrissy.

  4. Great spot, even if you were falling over!
    Good job the queen cut back on the celebrations innit!

  5. Wonderful mean to measure time and life indeed. Neither too many parties over here. Please have a good Sunday.

  6. A beautiful photo. Thanks for the history and for the thought-provoking commentary on history in the making.