Wednesday, 16 July 2014

ABC Wednesday: "A" is for Abito - "I inhabit"

"Abito" is the Italian for "I inhabit/live" and this is one of two Abito blocks in regenerating parts of Salford. This one is near Manchester Cathedral and Arena, the other is at Salford Quays. Designed as modular pods for affordable city living, they are great fun to live in, all have a balcony, ample storage and, maybe surprisingly, there is actually enough space for one person to live comfortably in too.

ABC Wednesday starts all over again at "A" today; another six month-long round of global blog posts.


  1. Very interesting design. Like it!

  2. That's definitely making the most of limited space.

  3. Looks like a doll house♪

  4. Very efficient and actually just enough room for one, but not for a big party! :D

    abcw team

  5. Yes....another round of ABC Wednesday, who ever would have thought the humle blog I started so many years ago would be at the stage it is here in 2014. Great to see people enjoying the journey. Denise ABC Team


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