Thursday, 10 May 2012

Paper late: London lottery on Tariff Street

Wandering along Dale Street last Thursday afternoon to meet up with a friend at Teacup on Thomas Street, I was stopped in my tracks by a group of onlookers. They were watching as Dale Street and Tariff Street stepped back in time to become 1960s London. I have always wanted to go back in time to revisit the London I grew up in, but I never expected to walk straight into it in downtown Manchester...

The filming was of an advert for the lottery, so a cameraman told me. Two 1960s cars and a huddle of be-scarfed and hatted pseudo cockneys were milling about, as a newspaper man sold the London Daily Chronicle.

I immediately saw some historical anomalies- I think the Daily Chronicle finished in the 1930s, and two of the other signs above scream pre-World War II to me. I suppose they may still have been around in some parts of the capital in the mid 1960s. The "geezer" selling papers and most of the actors however did look 1960s, as were the two cars.

The Northern Quarter has now stood in for New York (Alfie with Jude Law, and Captain America) and London (in the first Robert Downey and Jude Law Sherlock Holmes film). Does anyone else know of any Northern Quarter or Manchester film sets? I know it's been used in several recent tv productions which were actually set in Manchester.

See the Signs, Signs blog for more signs from all around the world this week.


  1. how interesting! it does look like a scene from the 50's or 60's. great find!


  2. It isn't the signs themselves that are anachronistic - old signs like that were still commonplace in the 60s but you'd not see the boarded-up windows the same.

    1. Thanks for confirming that such signs were still around in the 1960s Gerald- I am far too young to know that for sure, hence my wanting a time machine ;-)

  3. I was fooled by your photo. I thought it was the real thing. I am old enough to have seen the real thing in Canada.

  4. Those old signs look cool. What a great post. :)

  5. Lucky you, this makes a great shot despite the anomalies.

  6. I like the street scenery, this picture is wonderful!

  7. It makes a great image. It was very good of them to go to all that trouble for you Chrissy. :-)

  8. I am 73, and I can certainly relate to this photo. I just love the vintageness of it. Even if it was only make-believe, it was still a treat for these old eyes. genie

  9. I though tit was the real thing too. A blast from the past indeed!

  10. An amazing picture indeed. Makes one feel time.

    Please have a good Friday.

  11. I would never have taken this for a 1960s theme.... and am a little befuddled as to its connection to a lottery. I hope when you see the commercial (advert) you can update us on how it appeared.

  12. It does look very old-timey to me. I like the retro feel!

  13. That's neat, must have made you feel a little bit twilight zonish for a few minutes; we've run into film crews in a few places, it is fun to watch what all goes into them, esp. when it's forf a few minutes of commercial.

  14. It had me fooled for a moment, but, yes, you are right - too many anomalies

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